My name is Janardhan Pulivarthi.

I have a degree in Civil Engineering, and I worked as a bridge designer for 2 years (see my work here ↗ ). Along with that, I am passionate about Computer science. So, at the moment I am working with software.

Why this website?

This is my official website. I do not have to be popular or in some public service. But I would like to have better control over how my information is indexed online.

The website is named with my full name because that is how people would generally search for me. And even though it looks a bit long - it takes four seconds to type the address.

Why not some custom domain with my firstname?

Something like - any new extension is another thing that people need to remember. .com  extension can be considered simply invisible!.

One very important thing about .com extension is its freeness. It has the maximum possibility for the expression without any curtailment of rights.

What inspired me to have a personal website?

We change jobs, study, and change careers to completely new domains. I think it makes a good case for us to build a web space - it doesn ’t have to a top level domain, though. But, many online platforms have restrictive policies or the functional scope is limited.

Here are few people I have taken inspiration from: , , , ,