Janardhan Pulivarthi


Working on 5th Generation Core Service Based Architecture (Telecom) technology stack which is integrated with Cloud native software.


Core team member, Apache SystemDS

Apache SystemDS project, A system for data science lifecycle.

SystemML: Given a machine learning algorithm, SystemML understands the code semantics, and with the awareness of the data sizes, it orchestrates the computations across Apache Spark, Map Reduce, and its own control program.

SystemDS: This is an improvement over SystemML. It does data processing, learning and serving with an R-like high level syntax.

Bridge Design Engineer

Design of road and rail bridges to Indian, Euro, American specs. Few projects:

  • Dadri-Allahabad (~3 km stretch) railway bridges. See Work details here ↗
  • Mechi bridge (at Indo-Nepal border)
  • Skills

    Programming Languages: Java, SQL, Python, Node.js

    Cloud Computing: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Tools: GitHub Actions, Terraform, Maven, Git

    Skill assessment results 🏆🥇