Janardhan's Insights

How not to be tired?

This feeling of tiredness every waking moment of the day, which is keeping us away from our dreams, stopping us reach our potential. Making hard for us to enjoy simple moments in life a bit hard.

Is there someone who are not actually tired, I do see most people are keeping forward because of their committments such as job, children or promises. When they achieve these committments it would be difficult to keep going. It leads to agony.

There is a latent energy in being tired. It helps us slow down our thinking eventually which sometimes lead to insight. Here, we can try to keep working on our thoughts even if they are at snail's pace. One hidden attribute of being tired is it is boring. A period of less exciting thoughts, expectations creates space for making or breaking things.

If you are chronically tired, then it is a different things which is prompting to take a break from the activities draining energy, edit work life and social life carefully. It is not easy, do some experimentation such as instead of cutting people out of your life completely maintain buffer for sometime. If there are some thoughts that are deeply affecting your well-being, or you have some trauma from before take time to mourn and heal. Healing is important.

Once our body and mind heals from the tiredness, we feel more lively.

How not to be tired?

If you are tired, there can be multiple reasons such as irregular sleep, too many social committments, tightly packed schedules, food intake, dehydration or lack of physical activity. Also, diet plays an important role.

If you are tired always immediately after the work, then do not sit on the couch and watch tv -- wear shoes or sandals and go for walking. Keep walking. Walk everyday. You will feel improvement in your energy levels after a bit of walk. You look young and further simplifies everyday life. It improves health after actual physical tiredness due to walking. You will see improvement in your relationships. You would see some friendly improvements in your approach to people.

Build it one step at a time, even if the step is very small. That makes all the difference.