Janardhan Pulivarthi

Software Engineer | 5G Core
India, Planet Earth


I'm a software engineer working on system testing of 5G Core Network implementation. I am curious about computer software and fundamental computer science (yes, those boring mathematical proofs, and textbooks..). To expand my knowledge in this area, I have enrolled in M.Tech (Software Systems) from BITS Pilani.

I am a committer and PMC (Project Management Committee) member for the Apache SystemDS project. SystemDS is an ML System for the end-to-end data science lifecycle.

I have worked as a bridge designer for 2 years. I designed a 1.5 km Rail Viaduct and also a substructure for the Mechi-bridge across India-Nepal border.




Finding a better person

Often people say you will find a better person, actually it is better if it is not.

Future Note

Proposal on how to write notes on maintaining a technology stack.

How to lead a Mediocre Life

Thoughts what activities make a mediocre life.

How not to build a Startup

Lesson learned from my attempts to build a startup.

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One best place to search for startup ideas

My typing journey

One tedious, frustating but satisifying journey with my keyboard.

How not to be tired.

Explores the tiredness in the day-to-day life...

Rules for me

Few important do's and don'ts that sum up my values

Work Experience


Member of Technical Staff | Mavenir

Bengaluru & Remote

Working on System Testing of 5G Core network implementation.