Janardhan Pulivarthi

Software Engineer | 5G Core
India, Planet Earth


I'm a software engineer working on system testing of 5G Core Network implementation. I am curious about computer software and fundamental computer science (yes, those boring mathematical proofs, and textbooks..). To expand my knowledge in this area, I have enrolled in M.Tech (Software Systems) from BITS Pilani.

I am a committer and PMC (Project Management Committee) member for the Apache SystemDS project. SystemDS is an ML System for the end-to-end data science lifecycle.

I have worked as a bridge designer for 2 years. I designed a 1.5 km Rail Viaduct and also a substructure for the Mechi-bridge across India-Nepal border.



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Future Note

Proposal on how to write notes on maintaining a technology stack.

How to lead a Mediocre Life

Thoughts what activities make a mediocre life.

How not to build a Startup

Lesson learned from my attempts to build a startup.

Better startup ideas

One best place to search for startup ideas

My typing journey

One tedious, frustating but satisifying journey with my keyboard.

Work Experience


Member of Technical Staff | Mavenir

Bengaluru & Remote

Working on System Testing of 5G Core network implementation.